IDF decade picture

Among dozens of pictures and based on 11,000 votes, this picture was selected first place as the IDF’s decade picture. Tamar Amir, Yuval’s little sister, a fighter in Givati reconnaissance Battalion, surprises him in the last mile of the beret journey and excites a whole country. To the competition page on the “Ba-Machaneh” ” website … Read more

Givati Brigade Commander Replacement Ceremony

Givati Brigade Association congratulates Colonel Itzik Cohen on his appointment as Givati Brigade Commander. On July 14, 2019, Colonel Itzik Cohen, took his new position as Givati Brigade Commander. The exchange ceremony took place at the Yoav Fortress, under the command of the Southern Command, Major General Herzi Halevi, Commander of the “Steel Division” Brigadier … Read more

The Official Memorial Ceremony For Fallen Soldiers Of The Shaked Reconnaissance Unit On 19.6.2019

On Wednesday, 19.6.2019, will take place the annual memorial ceremony for the fallen of the Shaked reconnaissance unit at Metzudat Yoav. In the program: 16:00 – Gathering and refreshment, tour at the memorial room 17:00 – Discussion of a topical issue 18:00 – Memorial ceremony Those who cherish their memory are invited to join us